Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to Use Your Campsite

So you have found a campsite, you take a look around, there should be a table, firepit, Barbeque or something that looks like an oven.  To get your camp ready there are some things you need to do.  The first thing is wash the table top.  There is no telling what has gone on with that thing before you got there and a good scrubbing will make sure you don't take something home that you don't want.  If you brought a tablecloth use it and be sure to fasten it down with spring clamps to keep it from blowing away if the wind picks up.  Take a look under the table and chase away any unwanted things that could sneak up on you at dinner time.  A Spider on your plate could ruin your appetite.  Once you've got the table in order move on to the grill.  If you are camping at a site that has been around for a while your grill might look like a bomb went off in it, but that's alright.  If you can get a fire going under the grill part, and burn off anything that was left behind it will clean itself after about a half hour or so.  You don't have to wash the cooking surface because the heat from the fire and the coals will do the work for you, just be sure to use a wire brush on it before you start cooking anything.  If your site has an oven the same deal will work on the griddle part of it.  To use your griddle you will want to wire brush the surface after it is good and hot, then put a couple of tablespoons of cooking oil on it and wipe it down to season the surface so your food won't stick.  You will find the griddle good for Pancakes in the morning, but I would'nt fry anything like bacon on it because the fat could drip down into the firebox and you would have a mess on your hands.  Whenever you're cooking outdoors it is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher close by in case things get out of control.  Don't let the conditions of your campsite amenities scare you into going to town for fast food, with a little work you can experience a great outdoor meal that you will remember.