Sunday, November 6, 2011

How To Fish A Creek

There are many ways to fish a creek.  Some anglers sit in one spot all day and hope the fish come to them like they would on a lake shore.  Some go at it with war like tactics, radios in hand, constantly communicating their location to one another.  Some run frantically from one hole to another without taking time to read the water.  I like to follow behind all these types and catch the fish they overlook.  My method is simple, take a moment to look at the different features of the water, notice changes on the surface which might indicate submerged objects that would provide hiding spots for hunting fish, take notice of the banks and look for places where the water may have carved out a pocket and above all is the whitewater.  While each part of this approach is equally important, lets look at the whitewater and what you can get from it.  Hungry Trout will hunt in the whitewater for any type of food source carried downstream from higher water.  If the water is moving at a good pace it will cause the fish to strike quickly as they may only have a split second to snatch a meal.  These quick strikes will get your heart racing and provide you with one heck of a fight.  You might see your line zip toward one side of the creek or the other as the fish tries to retreat to it's hiding spot.  On many occasions I've had Trout jump out of the water before my fly or bait even touched the surface.  The main thing to remember is that each spot on the creek is different and taking some time to understand what's going on above and below the surface will increase your odds of a successful experience.  Here is a link you might find helpful, "How to fish a small creek".