Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Wind Smashed My Shower Tent!!!

Dog gone that wind!  I guess 60 M.P.H. was just too much for the old Gal.  Good thing I put a bunch of rocks in it!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Les...The best campground Host In the World!!

I tried out a campground in the Eastern Sierra.  My favorite camp at Tuttle Creek was closed for upgrades.  We traveled a little further north on 395 and decided on lower Greys meadow campground just outside of Independence.  When we pulled into the campground I was stopped by the host.  He suggested site number 49 after taking a look at my rig.  We stayed at the camp for 3 nights, and each afternoon I would spend a while Talking to Les, (The best campground host ever), about the events of the day.  His stories were captivating,  His advice, correct.  I looked forward to seeing him at the end of a long day fishing almost as much as I looked forward to trying out one of the many creeks that run down the eastern slopes of the Great Sierra.  Les took the time to make sure that we were having a great time.  He always let us know where the "hot spots" were,  cautioned us about safety, and told us a few stories about big fish that were caught in the creek.  You need to meet this man to fully understand what I mean, he is The Best Campground Host In The World!!!