Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Southern Utah

Navajo Lake is located a few miles from Cedar City, Utah.  The Pine lined shores of this pristine lake can best be described as quiet, peaceful and full with life.  In the evening I noticed Deer and Antelope making their way down to the water for a cool drink before returning to the safety of the woods.  Birds flew high above scanning the surface of the water, pausing at times, then diving down to catch a Trout swimming near the surface.  As my line went out straight and my rod tip began to twitch I caught and released another beautiful Rainbow.  After gathering my gear I headed back to the road.  Along the way I had to stop and turn back for one more look.  A quiet place, truly peaceful and full with life.


  1. Hey Bill. One of those great pictures. I love the Cedar City area. Some great country.


  2. Wow, looks like such a peaceful place! I'm following you via RSS, so I look forward to reading more from you in the future! Take care.

  3. That image is perfect for framing. I sometime wander can the West look any better than some of the images you guys out that way post.

  4. Just looking at that picture makes my high blood pressure go down. So serene.


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