Sunday, August 15, 2010

When They Don't Bite on Anything Red

This little creek runs along highway 14 just outside of Cedar City Utah.  The water usually runs clear and cold.  There are many small waterfalls that flow into pools that look like a haven for Trout, but in these pictures this creek looks more like a Lahar due to a pleasant afternoon thunderstorm.  I drove along this road that would lead me to Duck Creek.  Clouds surrounded the mountains and it was easy to see that rain was falling somewhere.  The water in the creek began to rise and turn red.  I stopped to get a picture and watched as 8 to 10 foot sections of creek bank fell into the water and dissolved.  I don't know how anything living in this creek could have survived.  The water was so thick with mud that it stained the plants and sticks that it touched.  It sure would make it a tough day to be a fish.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Southern Utah

Navajo Lake is located a few miles from Cedar City, Utah.  The Pine lined shores of this pristine lake can best be described as quiet, peaceful and full with life.  In the evening I noticed Deer and Antelope making their way down to the water for a cool drink before returning to the safety of the woods.  Birds flew high above scanning the surface of the water, pausing at times, then diving down to catch a Trout swimming near the surface.  As my line went out straight and my rod tip began to twitch I caught and released another beautiful Rainbow.  After gathering my gear I headed back to the road.  Along the way I had to stop and turn back for one more look.  A quiet place, truly peaceful and full with life.