Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puffer Lake

If you're fishing Utah and feel like trying some new water look up Puffer Lake.  This lake which sets at 10,000 ft. is loaded with Trout.  I heard it mentioned when I went down to the town of Beaver to pick up some Ice and afternoon coffee from our camp near Kent's Lake.  Someone said, "Puffer is hot, it's a pretty drive too" thats all it took, I'm all in.  When I got up to the counter to pay for my goods the first question was, how do I get to Puffer?  We got out of the store and laid rubber up the hill.  The drive, about 20 miles outside of town, was sure a pretty one.  The road was lined with Aspens and Pines.  We parked the truck and got out the poles.  The walk down to the water was tricky because the shore was lined with big flat rocks.  It was like walking down a pile of dinner plates and a few times I ended up on my back.  We caught and released 7 nice Rainbows.  Had to leave sooner than I wanted to because we were getting chewed to death by biting flies, nobody said anything about that part at the store.  It was a nice place and worth the trip.


  1. Nice lake. Got to be careful on those stoney lakeshores. We don't recover as easy as we used to.

  2. That looks like a gorgeous piece of water indeed. Truth be told, I spent 2 years in the SLC\Utah and barely scratched the surface of fishing. This is a nice little “nugget”.

  3. I agree beautiful place just curious, what was the fly that produced the takes?

  4. Sounds like a very nice place to fish. Thanks,


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