Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fish Lake Utah

Fish Lake is located in Fish Lake National Forest in the heart of Utah.  The lake is seven miles long and one mile wide.  With a depth of 150 feet there is plenty of room for the big Rainbow and Lake Trout this lake is known for to roam.  I have wanted to fish this lake for a long time and last weekend I got my chance.  We headed out Saturday morning around 6:00 and got to the lake around 11:00.  The plan was to find a good campsite,  get everything set up and hit a few creeks in the area for the rest of the day.  Sunday we would rent a boat and spend the day on the lake.  On the way over to the first creek I spotted a part of the lake that had a little cove with a good point that I just had to try so that would be the first stop.  Although the water was perfect I couldn't manage to get a bite.  After an hour or so we decided to move on to the creeks.  We fished two creeks that were beautiful.  They ran through wide open meadows and the water had plenty of character.  We got a few bites but couldn't seem to bring any fish to the bank.  After a while, with the sun starting to fade, we decided to return to camp and go over our plans for the lake.  Sunday looked like a perfect day to catch some Lake Trout.  We got down to the lake around 6:00, got a boat and set out.  After trolling for about 45 minutes the wind started to pick up. A nice thunderstorm rolled in so we headed back to camp and spent the rest of the morning in the tent.  When the rain stopped we went back out on the lake at 2 p.m. and gave it another shot.  We had a troll out for a few hours without a bite.  The wind started to get ugly again so we turned the boat in and went back to camp.  This was a tough trip, no fish and bad weather.  I was glad I packed some steaks to grill for dinner!  Such a big beautiful lake.  I'll have to give it another try when the weather is a little more predictable!


  1. Hi, Bill. I have never been to this lake in Utah, but, she sure looks to be a pretty one. Too bad you had the wind and weather problems, but, I guess that is fishing. Those big lakes can be cumbersome to fish when the wind is blowing good. Hope you get another chance soon.

  2. Hi Mel, I'd recommend this lake to everyone. It has some beautiful water. I think I should pay more attention to the traffic on the lake, when everyone leaves and I'm the only one on the water I always end up in a pinch, but I've almost perfected my "sideways wind-shear gun-it and run-it troll technique deal". Thanks for the comment! Bill.


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