Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Campfire

It was a day to remember, or one I'd like to forget.  They fought well, or they wouldn't bite at all.  However the day turned out at some point I head back to camp, put some chuck together and set by the campfire.
For me the campfire says, "this is home" when the day is done.  It's a place to tell tales, talk tactics and make plans for the new chance that will come tomorrow. 
I wonder how big that one was that broke my line, remember that trip last summer when I landed that big Brown, how about the time I got spooled out on Jackson Lake?  The topics just seem to come up, or just a silent stare as the night sky fills with stars.
As the fire dies down it seems to say, "it's time to rest"  The camp grows dark and the night fills with the sounds of the last few popping embers.  It's going to be hard to sleep as I think about how to approach the water tomorrow, then seconds later I'm fishing in a dream, the perfect cast, pull back some line, he's on I got him.......


  1. Hey Bill. Looks like that campfire could use a few marshmallow's on a stick. It's just one of those required camping things.


  2. Very nice post, Bill. Makes me think of all the times I have set around a camp fire at night and did exactly the same thing you did.

    Sweet fishin' dreams.

  3. That is a great statement! And this post has me eager to do some camping myself. Nicely done.

  4. (Holding my hands up to the screen to feel the warmth)

  5. I can relate about the one that got away and how,when,what to use to land it the next day.


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