Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puffer Lake

If you're fishing Utah and feel like trying some new water look up Puffer Lake.  This lake which sets at 10,000 ft. is loaded with Trout.  I heard it mentioned when I went down to the town of Beaver to pick up some Ice and afternoon coffee from our camp near Kent's Lake.  Someone said, "Puffer is hot, it's a pretty drive too" thats all it took, I'm all in.  When I got up to the counter to pay for my goods the first question was, how do I get to Puffer?  We got out of the store and laid rubber up the hill.  The drive, about 20 miles outside of town, was sure a pretty one.  The road was lined with Aspens and Pines.  We parked the truck and got out the poles.  The walk down to the water was tricky because the shore was lined with big flat rocks.  It was like walking down a pile of dinner plates and a few times I ended up on my back.  We caught and released 7 nice Rainbows.  Had to leave sooner than I wanted to because we were getting chewed to death by biting flies, nobody said anything about that part at the store.  It was a nice place and worth the trip.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Campfire

It was a day to remember, or one I'd like to forget.  They fought well, or they wouldn't bite at all.  However the day turned out at some point I head back to camp, put some chuck together and set by the campfire.
For me the campfire says, "this is home" when the day is done.  It's a place to tell tales, talk tactics and make plans for the new chance that will come tomorrow. 
I wonder how big that one was that broke my line, remember that trip last summer when I landed that big Brown, how about the time I got spooled out on Jackson Lake?  The topics just seem to come up, or just a silent stare as the night sky fills with stars.
As the fire dies down it seems to say, "it's time to rest"  The camp grows dark and the night fills with the sounds of the last few popping embers.  It's going to be hard to sleep as I think about how to approach the water tomorrow, then seconds later I'm fishing in a dream, the perfect cast, pull back some line, he's on I got him.......

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anderson Meadow

Friday afternoon we headed out for Utah with Kent's Lake, just outside of Beaver, in the cross hairs.  The drive went by quick and before we knew it we were in the little town of Beaver.  A short drive outside of town took us past a beautiful creek and I was tempted to stop and get a line wet but I knew that we needed to get to the campground and claim a spot before they were all taken. 
The road to Kent's Lake has only been open for three weeks.  I found a water quality report that said that the lake was suffering from low oxygen levels due to the large number of winter hold-over Trout.  Well, we can't have that!  I knew that I must try to do something to alleviate the problem.  So, armed with my rod and reel, I decided to throw myself on the front line and try my best to make a difference.
The campground was full so I found a nice spot off the road and out in the "open camping" area.  There are many sites that are out in the middle of nowhere that are used from time to time by campers that prefer to be away from the crowd.  Along the way we passed by a little lake called Anderson Meadow and I thought, "That's the place to fish!"  We set up camp, got the fire going and decided to make Anderson our first stop in the morning.
At 4am I was up making coffee and getting the poles set up.  I wanted to make sure that we got over to the lake before too many people showed up.  We were the first to hit the water.  Rainbows hitting on every cast, it was like a dream come true.  We released all but our limits, had the lake to ourselves for almost three hours and I was happy things worked out the way they did.
Later on we fished Kent's and a few other lakes close by.  Each and every lake was full of hungry fish.  The high temp. was 88 but an occasional thunderstorm passing by brought it back down to the low 70s.  
Kent's Lake was the popular place to be and there were plenty of fish for everyone but it was nice being on some of the out of the way places with no traffic and all the shore you could ever want. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Campsite at Fish Lake

There are about a dozen campgrounds around Fish Lake in Utah and all of them are put together well.  Water, flushing toilets and a few even have showers.  I set up in a site that was close to the lake and not so close to other campers.  The campground, called lower Mackinaw, had about 20 or so sites that were spread out over a large area.  It was sort of neat because you could have your own little wilderness spot without being too far removed from other campers and at 12 dollars a night it was worth it.
After dinner was a good time to sit by the fire and make plans for tomorrow. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fish Lake Utah

Fish Lake is located in Fish Lake National Forest in the heart of Utah.  The lake is seven miles long and one mile wide.  With a depth of 150 feet there is plenty of room for the big Rainbow and Lake Trout this lake is known for to roam.  I have wanted to fish this lake for a long time and last weekend I got my chance.  We headed out Saturday morning around 6:00 and got to the lake around 11:00.  The plan was to find a good campsite,  get everything set up and hit a few creeks in the area for the rest of the day.  Sunday we would rent a boat and spend the day on the lake.  On the way over to the first creek I spotted a part of the lake that had a little cove with a good point that I just had to try so that would be the first stop.  Although the water was perfect I couldn't manage to get a bite.  After an hour or so we decided to move on to the creeks.  We fished two creeks that were beautiful.  They ran through wide open meadows and the water had plenty of character.  We got a few bites but couldn't seem to bring any fish to the bank.  After a while, with the sun starting to fade, we decided to return to camp and go over our plans for the lake.  Sunday looked like a perfect day to catch some Lake Trout.  We got down to the lake around 6:00, got a boat and set out.  After trolling for about 45 minutes the wind started to pick up. A nice thunderstorm rolled in so we headed back to camp and spent the rest of the morning in the tent.  When the rain stopped we went back out on the lake at 2 p.m. and gave it another shot.  We had a troll out for a few hours without a bite.  The wind started to get ugly again so we turned the boat in and went back to camp.  This was a tough trip, no fish and bad weather.  I was glad I packed some steaks to grill for dinner!  Such a big beautiful lake.  I'll have to give it another try when the weather is a little more predictable!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Duck Creek Rainbow

Duck Creek has some nice Rainbow Trout that like to hang out in the faster moving parts of the creek.  We fished places where the water was picture perfect, moving at a slow and peaceful pace through beautiful meadows without a bite.  This fish hit on a Power Egg down stream and getting him up through the white water was a task!  Sometimes you hook up when you least expect it.