Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why Do I Do Things The Hard Way?

Most of my favorite creeks are located between Lone Pine and Mammoth Lakes California.  Many of the creeks in this area can serve up some tough fishing.  At the higher elevations the water that barrels down off the side of the mountains can move boulders the size of a house, and the lower parts can be so thick with undergrowth that getting to the creek requires a belly walk.  Around the campgrounds the creeks have been cleared and fishing is easy.  You just follow the well beaten paths to the many spots that are stocked regularly with pan sized Rainbows.  That's not where I fish.  If I don't drag myself back to camp scratched, scraped, spider bit, wounded and dehydrated I just don't feel like I've been on the right part of the creek.  If you happen to be driving in the mountains and see a guy with a fishing pole running for his life while being chased by hornets, stop and say hi, it's probably me. I do creek the hard way, I think it's in my blood, but some people can make tough fishing look easy.
On a recent trip to Big Pine Creek My wife and I decided to revisit a spot where we both had caught and released a few good fish two weeks earlier.  The weather had warmed up and changed the amount of water in the creek drastically during that time.

Casting your bait across stream without rapids taking your line down is tough.  After a few unsuccessful tries I was taught how to do it.  She said, " just look where you want your bait to go, throw it, and there ya go".  Then she caught a fish.

I guess I need to work on my casting before the next trip.


  1. Hey Bill. Leaving in the morning for that exact area. Got any suggestions? If you do, let me know at


  2. Sounds like she had a plan that worked. Those creek fish are sometimes stubborn, but, worth the wait in fun. Thanks for the pictures of your area.


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