Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Like a Rock

Among the many aspects of the Eastern Sierra that can grab your attention are the views of the solid rock faces that can be seen from Whitney Portal.  Weather you're in the area for fishing, camping or hiking at some point you will find yourself scanning the range as each turn on the trail opens up a new point of view that can't be missed.  The one thing that has always crossed my mind is how in the world do trees thrive in the cracks of a granite wall?  At night the stars seem so close that you could throw a rock and hit one.  It's a light show like no other.  Here are a few of my favorite shots of the awesome Sierra.


  1. Excellent pictures, Bill. When you come across the answer as to how trees grow from the rocks, I would be interested to have you pass it along to me and your readers.

  2. I'll do my best to find out Mel, if I were a younger man I would climb up and take a closer look! I'm afraid of breaking something important!


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