Monday, May 31, 2010

Lost My Hat and My Fish.....

Someone once said, "you can't win them all.." I'm sure he was a creek angler.
I had been working the creek about a mile or so and came across a great looking little pocket of water that had a few big rocks stacked on top of each other.  The water had formed a small pool on the opposite bank that was overgrown with cottonwood branches.  There was no way to get to it from the other side and from my side it was going to be a reach, even with my 8 foot fly rod.  I had to try to weave my rod tip through a whole bunch of twigs just to get close to where I thought a fish would be.  The best way to do this is to draw your line up to the sinker which is about 3 inches from your Salmon Egg and hook.  When I got over the spot I released my line so the egg would drop and before it hit the water it got hammered by a Rainbow.  The fish was hooked, my rod tip was under water and I was stuck with no way to get him out.  I leaned out as far as I could to get some kind of position as my line jerked violently and my hat came off.  I stood watching hatless as the fish fought to get away.  The line now weak from rubbing against branches finally broke and the Trout was free.
I don't think I'm the first person that has lost that fish.  He seemed to know what he was doing.  I didn't get to see how big he was, but he felt big and there was no way I was ever going to get him out of his pool. 
That's creek fishing at it's best.  Many get away and sometimes they take your hat with them.


  1. Now that's a fish story!

  2. The secrets of a small creek! Thanks for sharing, and, "did you happen to retrieve your hat"?

  3. Hi Mel! That's the other side of the story. A fisherman downstream pulled it out for me and the cold wet hat helped to cool me off!

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