Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What are They Hitting On?

You need the right bait color if you're going to catch fish. You might hear people saying, "what are you using for bait" when you start to catch a few. With all the bait colors out there it's easy to get confused.
The colors that seem to be working the best for April this year are Red and Yellow swirl, and Garlic Power Bait. A 1/2" round plug of bait on a hook about 24" away from a sinker is your best bet.
Cast your bait about 25' to 50' from the shore and keep your line fairly tight. When you notice the first couple of bumps on the line set the hook gently. Try not to set the hook like you're into a Great White Shark. I can't tell you how many fish I've caught with half of their jaws ripped off because someone got a little too excited.

When you have a fish on take your time and play it out. It's that moment in time that you've been waiting for. After being on the road for hours, getting up early, and planning the trip, the least you can do is enjoy your time on the water!

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