Friday, March 12, 2010

Where to Find Big Trout!

This picture of a Big Rainbow Trout was sent in by Betty Holtsnider of Camarillo, California.  If you know where to look you can find Big Trout on the creek. Look for places where the water runs over an obstruction and then falls into a pool. Some of the smaller pools can hold big fish so don’t pass up a spot just because of its size.   Try to drop your bait in at the white water, then move it down stream.

Sometimes the dark places on the creek are overlooked by other anglers so take your time working the creek and try to spot these out of the way places.
If a spot looks overgrown with tree branches and brush it might be tough to get into.  Not many fishermen will risk getting hung up to try these spots.  If you take your time and place your bait carefully you stand a better chance of getting in and out without a problem.

Working the tight spots can get frustrating and more than once I've crawled away from the creek covered with scratches, ants, and spider bites.  The reward is when you drop your bait in the water and your rod bends in half.  You see a huge Trout jerking the line out of your reel and you know that you're into a lunker!

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