Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tough Water On The Creek

Sometimes when you're working the creek you come across one of those spots that you would like to try and then you might stop and think, how in the world would I ever get a fish out of there if I caught one?  Well there in no easy answer, but here are a few ideas that might help.  Before you move into a hole take a look around and figure out what you options are.  Can you swing a fish over to the other side, could you lift one straight up, or if you're on your knees can you drag one out.  Chances are if you're in a tough spot, you're going to have a tough time landing whatever you catch.  Make sure that you set the hook good and you might have a better chance, but in a situation like this its anyones guess what the outcome will be.  More than a few times I've stood back from the creek with a blank look on my face after losing a big fish that was under some type of impossible to get to under brush infested piece of water, but that is why the big ones are still there!

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