Sunday, March 28, 2010

Iron “Ranger” Man

Who is Iron Ranger Man? That’s the question on every campers mind. Simply put, “The identity of Iron Ranger Man must be made available to the American People”. This question has gone unanswered long enough!

If you've ever used an outhouse at a campground and found a roll of toilet paper during your visit then you can thank Iron Ranger Man. He doesn't fly down at night to clean out the fire pits and outhouses, his job is to collect camping fees which are used to provide these services to anyone who enjoys the campground. Finding a clean campsite is not an accident and it takes some funding to provide a few of the things most campers take for granted. These fees are small, 2 to 18 dollars per night, and need to be paid so we all can have a great camping experience. When you set up camp hang up a trash bag and clean up after yourself. When it is time to leave the campground throw that bag in a trash can and know that your fees paid to Iron Ranger Man will be used to collect that garbage and keep our campgrounds clean. When you fish the creek keep an eye out for garbage that you might find along the way and pick it up. I always carry a small trash bag with me when I work the creek and if it gets full I just drop it off at an empty campsite to be picked up later. When you get to a campground check in with the host and let them know that you intend to clean up a little as you fish, they will let you know what to do with the trash that you collect along the creek. Our creeks belong to us, lets all do our part!

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