Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hot Stocks For 2010!

Investing in stocks can be tricky. I received an email that was supposed to show me how to read the stock market. It was confusing to say the least and it made me think, there has got to be an easier way to understand this. So I came up with one that will make it much easier for anyone to:

Invest in stocks.
Find out which stock is best for you.
How to get the best returns from your investment.

Let me start out with the best stocks I know of and how to recognize them.

This is a Rainbow Trout stock.  It is a very common stock and is stocked in most creeks, streams and lakes.
This a Brown Trout stock.  Fun to catch and they fight well too.

Here we have a Brook Trout stock.  This is a very colorful one.
The Lake Trout.  This one can grow very large.

The Tiger Trout, a rare and beautiful breed.  It too is stocked in lakes, creeks, and streams.

The best way to invest in these stocks is to buy a fishing license. Some of the money from this investment goes to the hatchery where the fish are raised. Stay at a campground. Some of the campground fees are used for the Stocking program.

Which Stock is right for you? I prefer Rainbow. Pan fried or smoked.

How do I get the best returns for my investment? The answer is simple, go fishing as often as you can and use the top of the line baits. If you are starting out on a shoestring budget you can go out in the backyard and dig up some worms to get started. This time tested technique has been working for centuries and it still works today.

This new and improved program will make anyone a big winner and if you like numbers each time you go fishing write down how many fish, and which type you caught. At the end of the season you can get a grand total and email it to fellow investors.

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