Monday, March 8, 2010


Cottonwood Creek is located off the 395 highway about 15 miles back in the mountains. I decided to check this creek out. After driving way back on a road that looked more like a game trail I got to an area that looked like it might be fishable. The creek bed was filled with boulders and tree trunks everywhere you looked. Some of the rocks had damned up the stream creating pools and waterfalls three feet high. Huge California Oak Trees were growing along the sides and a few growing next to the edge of the water had half of their root systems exposed and in the creek. All in all this looked like a mean piece of water. To fish this creek I found myself climbing up embankments, and over boulders the size of travel trailers. It took a while to get from spot to spot but each new pool was worth the effort. After tossing a fly or two without any luck I switched over to salmon eggs and began hooking up right away. The lower part of the creek held alot of Rainbows, and as I worked my way further up I started hooking into Browns. Most of these fish were around 10 to 12 inches and quite a few came up out of the water and hit my bait before it touched the surface. I released each fish right back into the spot where I had caught it. I'm pretty sure they will still be there for the next time I visit this creek!

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