Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Cold Opener On Lone Pine Creek

Opening day on Lone Pine Creek was a cold one to be sure. Saturday March 6th I got the first look at a creek that had gone through a long winter. The water was ice cold, the fish were in hibernation. The Cottonwood trees that line the banks were half frozen in the grip of Old Man Winter. With patches of snow, a cold wind blowing down the mountains, and snow flurries it began to look like I was a little early in the season for any type of Trout action. As I walked along the banks of the creek I noticed signs of life in the water. In the shallow pools small Brown Trout would scatter as I approached, and larger fish could be seen locked in tight to the sides. The creek volume is dependent on run-off from snow melt and it didn’t look like that was going to be happening any time soon. Still it’s opening day, so I had to give it a shot and see if this creek was ready to give up a bite or two. The first few pools I tried gave me no response. Working my way up the creek I stumbled upon a few pockets that held hungry Trout. After a twitch on the end of my line, my rod tip finally bent sharply towards the surface of the water and I knew I had hooked into a nice fish. The ice cold water made for a brief fight and I landed my first Rainbow of the season. This thin 14 inch long fish looked like he hadn’t eaten in months. I released him back into his pool and continued on up the creek. After an hour or so the snow began falling heavily so I decided to head back to camp for some hot coffee and a spot next to the fire. This creek will be much more inviting around July when the Cottonwoods are green and the warm summer breeze blows down through the canyons, the campground filled with tents and trailers. Afternoons warmed by the heat of the summer sun. That time will come, but for now the bitter cold of winter must run its course. It’s warm next to the fire, with hot coffee in hand I’ll write down the events of this trip and begin plans for the next one.

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  1. Thanks for checking it out in tough conditions. Like the pictures.


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