Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Calling All Carps

 I decided to take a run out to Lake Mojave and get a line wet. It’s mid March and most of the creeks to the north are still running low and cold. The fever to fish is still burning hot so I needed to find a place to get it out of my system. Lake Mojave seemed like a good spot.

I got out on the lake around 4 am, tied up a slip rig and got it in the water. The water was calm and peaceful. With a cup of hot coffee I sat there at the waters edge and watched the sunrise. About an hour went by with not even a hope of a bite, and it started to look like a sunrise was all that I was going to get from this trip.

I was about ready to call it done and reel up my line when I noticed the water start to boil close to shore. With in minutes there were big Carp swimming everywhere and breaking water. I reeled up and watched as the fish came closer. They came right up to the edge and began poking their heads out of the water. It looked like they were begging for food or something. Like birds in the park.

I took some pictures and walked back to the parking area thinking, to bad I wasn’t fishing for those big boys. It would’ve been easy!

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