Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Working the Side Banks

Fold-A-Way Landing Net FA60N - Hoop 20"x24", Length 5 feet
The Next time you’re fishing a small creek don’t forget to work the side banks first. You might be surprised at how often you hook up before you even get close to the water! Many times large Trout will hug in next to the bank just because of their size. When a fish is in moving water it must constantly swim to stay in one place. That takes a whole bunch of energy and hard work, especially if you’re a big fish. For the big ones it’s much easier to just hang out somewhere and wait for a meal to float by. Think of it this way, if you’re hungry and there is a Fast Food restaurant right next to your home, would you get on the interstate and drive 5 or 10 miles away to get something to eat? I wouldn’t either. Trout are the same as us. A big fish will go out into the white water if something catches its eye, but most of the time there will be plenty food of right in the neighborhood so there is not much need to get out in the open and risk exposing himself. Smaller fish will hold up in the swift moving water just to get a hold of anything to eat so they can get bigger. The Big Rainbow Trout in this picture (23 ½”) was caught next to the edge of the water under a cut-back in the bank. The smaller one (10 ½”) was hooked in the swift moving white water. Try the edges first next time you’re on a creek or stream and you will be pleased with the result.

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