Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Secret To Finding Big Trout

Catching Trout is easy when you know where to find them. But how do you find that out? You could spend decades on creeks and streams and always end up being surprised at where the fish are. For anyone up to a real challenge try some of the less likely places. Places that are tough to get to, or better yet Impossible to get to. These areas may hold the old bulls of the creek. Places that are easy to get to are usually fished often and chances are someone has been there long before you showed up. Work on training your eye to notice some of the spots that are on every creek or stream, small or large, and you will consistently end up landing trophy Rainbow, browns, or brooks. It's easy to miss some of the best spots if you get in a hurry. Try to stay focused and in the moment when you approach the water. Look for the dark areas in the water. They are often the safest places for bigger fish to live, and in some cases they may well have been in those holes for years. Remember each section of water has something different. Submerged logs or exposed tree roots only show a small portion of their features above water, but below the surface it may be a whole different story. The only sure bet is that when you hook up with an old hook nosed Brown you will end up with the fight of your life on your hands. Most huge Trout don't end up that way by getting caught. If you do land a trophy, you might want to take a picture and put him back where you got him. Next season you might not win the battle because he will only get bigger and stronger!

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