Saturday, February 27, 2010

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

About twenty minutes west of the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada you can find one of the top five Rock Climbing destinations in the United States. Climbers from all over the world come here for the over 2,000 climbing routes that Red Rock Canyon has to offer. On the Multi-pitch climbing routes at Red Rock you may encounter a variety of climbs on each pitch such as chimneys, friction, overhangs, and crack or face climbs. Red Rock also offers some Big Wall Climbs that take two or more days to complete. Hiking Red Rock is very popular year round. A few of my favorite hikes in the canyon are the Pine Creek, Lost Creek, and Oak Creek Canyon trails. Each of these are about 3 mile or so round trip hikes, and will get you deep into the heart of the mountains. Since this Canyon is located in the Mojave Desert it’s important to bring plenty of water along on these trails, and if you set out early you have a good chance to see a few Wild Horses that live in this area. On my way out of the canyon I met up with a pair of Wild Burros which also call this place home. The Horses and Burros spend most of their time around the Natural Springs and Hidden Water Holes that can be found throughout the canyon.

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