Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rainbow and Brown Trout Season Opens Early!

You know the feeling. You work your way down to the creek for the first time in months. Look the water over, first upstream, then down. Take in that deep breath of cold morning air. Better take one more look down the length of your rod, can’t have any line looped around your eyes. Take a tug on the line, make sure it moves easily. It’s time. This is the beginning of what will be a powerful season, the season you’ve always wished for. This year you will catch trophy Trout like never before. Your picture will be on magazine covers, people walking up to you in the tackle shop saying,”Hey, you’re that guy who caught that awesome fish!” You know you, you’ll just smile, laugh, and say,” well, yes, but which one are you talking about? I’ve caught a few”.

That’s right, this is your time, and it’s all starting right now! Wow! I got goose bumps! Alright, it’s all starting the first weekend in March, yes you heard right MARCH! Trout season opens early in Lone Pine California on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You might have heard of this range, its home to Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States, 14,497.61 Ft. If you feel like catching GOLDEN TROUT, Lone Pine is Golden Trout Headquarters! You can obtain a permit to catch this rare and beautiful type of Trout at: So here’s where you can find your trophies; Independence Creek, Symmes Creek, Sheperd Creek, George Creek, LONE PINE CREEK, Tuttle Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Lone Pine Sand Trap, Whitney Portal Pond, and Diaz Lake. There are a whole bunch of out of the way spots, and secret Honey Holes that most people don’t know about. Places where you can find Monster Brown and Rainbow Trout. To find out about these spots you have to get to know the locals in town. Spend some time in town at Lone Pine Sporting Goods and you might get the inside scoop. They also have a great selection of everything you’ll need on the creek. There are a few places in town where you can pick up a fishing license before you head out, and you might take a moment to understand the rich history of this town. Have you ever seen The Lone Ranger on TV? It was filmed just outside of Lone Pine! Or how about, Oregon Trail-1936-John Wayne, The Long, Long Trailer-1954-Lucille Ball and Desi Arnsz, Star Trek V-1988, Star Trek VII-1995, Iron man?

Check out the whole list by clicking on this, (Movies), and when you’re in town stop by “Pizza Factory” and see the pictures they have up on the walls. The first trip of the season is the most important. Start it out right by making Lone Pine California your first stop on this season long adventure of 2010.

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