Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to choose the right spot to set up a tent

Alright, you just found a campsite, that's step one, but where is the best place to set up your tent? Well you could just pick a spot and hope for the best, or you could do a little research first and make your stay a little less uncomfortable. I always like to check the wind direction first, even more so if there are pit toilets in the campground. Being downwind of one of those can ruin your appetite. If you plan on having a campfire you don't want the smoke blowing straight into your tent either. So check the wind direction before you set up. Next you will want to level out the ground you plan to put your tent on. Check for rocks or anything you wouldn't want to lay down on. Make sure the opening of your tent faces east, the sunrise in the morning will get you up and going early so you can start enjoying your first day.

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