Friday, February 5, 2010

Backcountry Water and Alpine Lakes

Finding great water to fish takes time but can be alot of fun. Sometimes the best water around is way off the beaten path. In The Grand Teton National Park last September I stumbled upon one of the most pristine lakes I have ever seen. The lake was at the end of a 2 mile mountain hike in bear country. I started out first thing in the morning, mostly just out to wander around and see if I could get lost for a little while. Getting lost for a minute is alright, as long as you don't end up getting really lost. Try to stay on somewhat of a path and leave some markers along the way so you can find your way back. I started out on a path, that turned into a game trail. About an hour into my journey the trail lead me to a stream. Beautiful water with under-cut banks and deep pools, perfect for Trout. The first thing on my mind was, " I have to find out where this is coming from". My pace along the trail quickened as I followed the stream up toward its source. After many rest stops along the way to drink the water I had brought along, and catch my breath, the hard work paid off. I came across a ridge and was almost knocked out with what I saw. The source of the stream was a clear mountain lake. As I walked up to it's bank I could see what looked like a thousand Cutthroat trout darting out away from the edge. After about an hour of taking in the beauty and seclusion of the area I decided it was time to head back. An approaching thunder storm, and a few lightning strikes

really made my decision a easy one to make.

Taking time to explore new places can lead you in a direction you've never thought possible, and who knows what you will end up finding!

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