Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Automatic Fly Reel

When I was growing up my Dad and I fished a lot. I can recall many trips on many streams and creeks. His Fly Reel of choice was a West Bend Automatic. I think the fancy “pull the lever and it reels itself in “feature seemed to him to be the state of the art in fishing technology. If there was something new and improved Dad had to be the first to have it. In the late sixties we were one of the few families to have a remote controlled TV. In color of course. The “remote” was a big black box that you stuck on the knob on the front of the TV after taking off the one it came with. Then from up to five feet away you could switch between the three channels we had to choose from with a loud ker-klunk unless the sun was coming through the front window, or the antenna had shifted from the wind. Anyway if it was the latest Dad had to try it. I remember hearing the zip of the line when Dad would hit the trigger on his South Bend, and the occasional “damn it” when the hook would come off the end and the reel would suck up all the line. One company has kept the Auto Fly Reel tradition going. Pflueger still makes an Automatic, the model 1195. I looked this reel over and I’m impressed. It looks like a newer version of the old stand-bys. If you find yourself in the mood for an automatic Fly Reel, try this one out. Just make sure your hook stays on when you reel it up!

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